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Sales and consulting food

Halal label CertiTRACE

The holder of CQP sales and consulting food - Label HALAL "is capable of performing the following activities:


A. It ensures the reception of these products in accordance with the label CertiTRACE 786;
- It prepares, conducts and controls the sale of food or its radius of retail space in the constant quality of the product, business objectives and customer satisfaction.
- It ensures the filling, development and maintenance of the radius or retail space;
- It ensures permanently, for fresh produce, their good health and merchant;
- It may possibly participate in the final processing or packaging of products;
- It conducts sales and operations related thereto.
B. He advises clients on food products, their origin, their production, their nutritional and organoleptic characteristics:
- It is present to inform and advise the consumer;
- It organizes actions contributing to the life of the radius or retail space.
C. He manages the technical department or retail space under its charge:
- It manages the procurement department or retail space;
- It ensures the arrangement of stocks;
- It manages the presentation of the radius or the retail space in relation to other departments or retail spaces;
- It uses various management tools;
- It can participate in defining business objectives, in accordance with the guidelines.
D. It helps to manage the work of a team of employees.
E. It fits into an organization.



Sales techniques applied to products and services

Basic knowledge of technical and functional products (argumentation, demonstration)

Knowledge services (argumentation, loyalty)

Professional culture: business management, organization, marketing

Duration of the course?

 9 months and 4 with 5 theoretical practices

Conditions of access to training?

To be admitted to the training, the candidate (s) should preferably level with the tray, which must necessarily be hired at the start of training in an industrial area specializing in HALAL products.

Career opportunities?

Qualified vendor

Technical Sales Advisor

Telemarketer specialized

Where has the job?

In crafts

In retail

Evolution in the business?

Head of department sales, store


Pay for the training?

Employee status under alternating

Code sheets ROME closest: 14212-14213

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Halal consumption becomes a phenomenon of the modern consumer.

Today, for companies seeking certification Halal, it is first and foremost to enhance their industrial products or services by differentiating with respect to their competitors.Read more ->


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