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Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m

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HIFMI A Certification Body


Halal Food Management Industry Institute, an organization Skill, is responsible for Halal certification for the industry and all stakeholders in the food chain (processing, grade distribution, suppliers, restorations .....) on national, European and international levels.

The Halal food certification is a recognition of each product in accordance with specific characteristics previously determined standard 786 ©.

This certification is administered and approved by the Technical Committee: agro-food engineers, Veterinarians, quality auditors qualified in accordance with international standard and accredited laboratories.

This is the same Technical Committee, organized by consensus under the auspices of HIFMI, which developed the private standard cited above.

This is a technical document that defines both the characteristics that must have a product, a service or a combination of products and services, and arrangements for monitoring compliance with these characteristics. This document was produced to serve as a reference, especially in the field of Halal.

Halal certification of food and non-food translates into the right to use the label, CertiTRACE 786apposé Halal certified product.

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HFMI is the first International Training Institute for the qualification of professional food industry and catering industry of Halal label. Trainings for its main purpose to obtain a professional qualification accredited.

Our organization is empowered to set up a mentoring program for business process quality and Halal certification. The courses offered provide you with a comprehensive approach to quality, food safety both in the manufacturing as standards.

HIFMI Paris also intends to train professionals who wish to benefit Halal food traceability system CertiTRACE Halal and gain approval CertiTRACE 786.

The training team is at your disposal to help you build the training pathways

best suits your project and your needs.

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Word from the Director

gafouri these1

Halal consumption becomes a phenomenon of the modern consumer.

Today, for companies seeking certification Halal, it is first and foremost to enhance their industrial products or services by differentiating with respect to their competitors.Read more ->


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